We  are excited to announce we now carry    THE AUSTRALIAN BUSH COLLECTION”  these are Australian made Kangaroo and Cowhide Bags Wallets & Belts.


Why are BUSH bags special and how different are they to other bags in the market.

1.   They are 100% Made in Australiafrom unique leathers such as Kangaroo leather or Lambskins.

2.  Kangaroo leather has the highest tensile strength from all the commercial leathers available. It is 3 times stronger than cow hide and is less than half the thickness of cow hide. Therefore, the bags made from kangaroo leather are strong, durable and light.

3.  Also, Outback Leather has been manufacturing in Australia for 27 years. 

We are Licensed Kangaroo Skin Dealers (Lic No SD 618) and therefore select the best grade skins for the items we make. These skins are a by-product of the meat industry.

4.  The long lasting quality of the BUSH items we manufacture is evident from the attention to detail we pay in manufacturing, with special care to the following:

 –  YKK zippers are used in all the BUSH bags (YKK offer lifetime  guarantee on them).

–   Lacquered hardware are used to prevent discolouring/tarnishing. 

 – Waterproof linings are used in all the BUSH Kangaroo Leather bags. This prevents the leather from staining if spillage occurs on the inside.

–   Real Leather is used in all the handles, bindings and pipings

–    Inking all the edges of cut leather are hand inked 








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