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top soil and mulch

Top Soils & Fertilisers

Quality soils that have been independently tested to comply with AS4419 standards.

garden mulch

Garden Mulch & Dressings

High quality and budget friendly mulches with natural termite resistance.

Our Range of Landscaping Supplies

Top Soils & Fertilisers

premium organic soil

Premium Organic Garden Soil

A rich blend of organics including compost, cow compost, clinker and sand to supply your plants with a well balanced blend of nutrients, meaning tastier fruit and vegetables.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) & AS4419. Weed & Seed Free.

soil blend

Soil Blend

A mixture of composted organics and sand loam ideal for general gardening  and as an under turf soil medium. With its low phosphorus level, it is extremely good for sensitive native plants.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) & AS4419. Weed & Seed Free.

over turf

Over Turf

Our Over Turf is a premium selection of graded sands and high nutrient chicken and feedlot compost. It will not crust and go hard like loam-based top dress products. Weed and nutgrass free.

screened natural soil

Screened Natural Soil

Sourced from the upper outermost layer of soil, our Screened Natural Soil has the highest concentration of naturally occurring organic matter and microorganisms. This aids in the prevention of dry spotting and water logging; it also encourages re-wetting of dry soils and increases the total water held by the soil.

It has a sandy loam texture which makes it very easy to spread. It is processed through a 6mm screening plant to remove any large particles.  Cost effective product suitable for use in top dressing and construction of sporting ovals and fields, lawn construction under and over turf.

All soil is independently tested to comply with AS4419 standards.

Why Choose Outback for your Landscape Supplies?

Our journey began in 2012, after the birth of our second child with Cerebral Palsy. To help cover medical expenses Adam, a skilled wood machinist, started to transport and deliver sawdust.

Over the years, we have nurtured a loyal customer base; expanded our fleet; acquired another local business; added more trucks; and established a commercial yard.

Today, we offer Landscape Supplies alongside our sawdust services, continually expanding to meet your needs. We cherish the support of our customers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

Choose us for quality, experience, and a commitment to growth.

Outback Supplies Cypress Chips Mulch
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Sands, Rocks & Gravels

fine sand

Fine Sand

A double washed fine silica sand <0.60mm. It can be used for top dressing, playground/sandpit sand, concrete/mortar joint, plaster sand, horse arenas and general bedding applications.

brickies loam

Brickies Loam

A sandy loam, this is the preferred sand of bricklayers and an ideal sand for general brickie’s applications.

coarse sand

Coarse Sand

A double washed coarse sand, typically 0.3-2.5mm. It is commonly use for screeding and bedding pavers, tiling & screeds & in horse arenas.

concrete blend

Concrete Blend

Concrete Blend is a pre-mixed blend of sands & gravels used for concreting applications. Mix with cement & water to make concrete.

crusher dust

Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust is the 5mm minus material produced when manufacturing high quality aggregates. It is clean, versatile and compacts down well. This makes it an ideal base for under artificial turf, driveways, pathways & paving. It is a finer version of a roadbase.



Roadbase 2.5 CBR15 is typically a 20mm minus material produced from high quality hard rocks. It is commonly used as a bottom course in road construction, driveways, construction beddings and concrete pads.

drainage gravel

Drainage Gravels

Our Gravels come in 5-7mm, 10mm and 20mm they are a high quality crushed Basalt. As a natural construction product, the colour of the rock varies from light grey, to blue to brown in colour. It can be used for decorative applications , back-filling trenches, around PVC and Ag-Pipe, and for drainage behind retaining walls. Due to their high strengths they can also be used as a base underneath concrete, or can be blended to make concrete mixes.

Landscaping Supplies located in Park Ridge, Logan Qld. Visit the yard to see our full range.

Sand, Soil, Mulch

Gravel, Pebbles, Cement Bags

Animal Bedding, Stable Fines & Shavings

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Garden Mulch & Dressings

cypress outback mulch

Cypress Outback Mulch

A finely ground mix of Cypress bark and timber material. This mulch is ideal to refresh your garden and is a high end mulch with:

  • Recycled from the waste of Cypress mills
  • 100% Organic
  • Excellent moisture retaining properties
  • Natural termite resistance
  • Rich Cypress fragrance

It will break down slowly, ensuring it lasts longer than other mulches, giving you a good return on investment for your garden.

cypress garden chip

Cypress Garden Chip

Cypress Garden Chip is medium pieces of Cypress timber chips approx. 1″ in size, mixed with parts of the Cypress bark.

  • Great for the budget conscious
  • Retains moisture
  • Natural termite resistance
  • Long lasting
  • Beautiful fragrance.

Adds a rich gold colour into the garden, complimenting the surrounding plants and landscaped areas.

red cypress mulch

Uluru Red Cypress Mulch

Cypress Uluru Red is 100% Cypress with a natural dye put through it to give it a rich, vibrant red colour.

  • A high quality, ground and coloured mulch
  • A finer texture
  • A high end product
  • Great for creating an exclusive look and feel

Long-lasting colour holding properties due to the manufacturing process – the colour is ground into the product and not soaked onto it.

carbon black mulch

Cypress Carbon Black Mulch

A dark Carbon Cypress mulch developed to enhance the natural greens and colours of a garden or landscape.

Well suited to those looking for a unique finish to their project and an enhanced garden appearance.

  • A high quality coloured mulch
  • Natural termite resistance
  • Fine, consistent texture
  • Long lasting colour


bagged pebbles

Bagged Pebbles

We stock a range of quality bagged natural decorative and polished pebbles.

stable bedding sawdust

Stable Fines and Woodshavings

Quality Fines and Wood Shavings for bedding to suit animals big and small.